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students were paired in groups of 4 or 5 and assigned to design a chair appropriate for a 5-10 year-old child, made from no more than one sheet of 48” x 80” corrugated cardboard, thus...


The final pentagon design is held together

by an internal slotting mechanism and

strengthened by interlocking folds

in the cardboard. 

No adhesives or fasterners were used.

For the 'critiques,' each chair had to withstand

a gaggle of children for they assess our work.

All the students gather around a Skype

session in another room to observe the guest critic's interactions with our chairs.


After using and playing with the chairs, the children critiqued and discussed their findings.

Our design was one of the few chosen by a child guest critic to take home, enjoy and provide further testing...

group's inspiration boards and inital sketches

sketch models and first prototype

It comes as a sheet therefor it is flat packable, making is very effective to ship.


Once put together it can always be easily broken down and re-assembled.

flat patern on single cardboard sheet

group members  ~  Daniel Cho  l  Brianna Duffy  l  Alexander Mattaway  l  Elizabeth Zhang

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