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A.I. Artificial Intelligence - Life by Human Beings

Humans seem to possess a limitless desire and equally voracious drive to create. There will always be those of us who strive to build what our forefathers have deemed impossible. An A.I. would be a new form of life and I’m pretty sure that they would be here to stay. What does that mean for the existence of human beings? Creating beings that rival or even exceed human intelligence raises many difficult questions, ethical, moral and legal trepidations. These are the hard questions that would need to be resolved in order for both existences to coexist, on behalf of every human being and of any possible sentient artificial beings. The impending power of this technology stirs both hopes and fears for our society, including those regarding our own existence.

Once human beings have artificial intelligence up and running, there is quite literally no limit to its possible applications… but what will it take to get there? At this point, media of every nature has splayed numerous possible futures out for us. In many scenarios, humans do not end up dominant, which we have so deeply ingrained in our minds that we always would be. Even in techno-laden futures where humans remain in control, while still coexisting with A.I. beings, it is only a select group of people that reaps the benefits. The rest are left for dead, condemned to spend life until death in the wretched dregs of a post-industrial world. Whether this future world is utopian or dystopian is a matter of perspective – in a world where human beings are no longer required for many of the responsibilities traditionally entrusted to humans, only those of the highest wealth and power could possibly survive.

It is within the power of artificial intelligent beings to do all this and more. Up until this point in time, human beings have essentially allowed every major technological innovation to grow at such a rate that they have spiraled out of control. We crave brisk, unmitigated innovation and have a knack for letting things get ahead of themselves. The question we must ask ourselves as we move forward as a species is: with the development and inevitable inclusion of artificial intelligence, will the future that lies in store for humanity be a utopian dream, a dystopian nightmare or maybe a bit of both?

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