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Blue Skies, Clear Skies

In my eyes, a blue sky with a few wisps of clouds makes my day. When the sun is shining, and the sky is clear, life is good… on this side of the globe. I could only imagine the despair if such a sight were to be made hostile. It seems surreal to think that there are entire countries that do not get to embrace the same security when gazing upon the vast empty heavens – this is mainly due to the fact that the heavens are not empty. UAVs, in particular those owned by the United States, have made that nightmare a reality for all those who live under these steadfast sentinels. When any one thing is able to make such a serene scene anything but, someone somewhere is doing the wrong thing.

With cruising altitudes above twenty-five thousand feet, the Predator drones utilized by the United States armed forces are silent and invisible to anyone under their skies. Drone strikes are carried out without warning on beautiful sunny days, leading those living in a drone zone to prefer overcast grey days and rain. This state of living in constant fear has severe repercussions, both for the mental health of individuals living in affected areas, and for the United States as well. One of the major consequences of drone strikes is the further indoctrination of hate in these current generations of people against the United States of America. Of course individuals who have known nothing but war that falls from the sky for as long as they’ve been alive would develop hatred towards the perpetrators. Drone strikes breed hate against the United States, plain and simple. Recruitment into terrorist groups benefits from drone strikes, non-state groups must have a love/hate relationship with the strikes – hate because drones takes out operatives, love because drones do all of their recruitment work for them. All of this deteriorates into a more radicalized populace.

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